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What is it to be a Quaker

Updated: Mar 8

A Quaker is….

1. A person who accepts the testimonies of silence, integrity, community, social justice, environmentalism. We value and love silence. Our branch of Quakerism worships in silence but most Quakers include some silence in their services. We often drive our cars in silence or enjoy spending time in our homes without the TV or music on. To us, the Spirit within is available to us in the silence and we seek that as the compass and authority of out lives.

2. A person who lives the principles of peace and love in daily life. When there is conflict, seasoned and experienced Quakers look for the “third way.” That’s the essence of our “sense of the Meeting” decision making. Instead of winners and losers, we look for the path of acceptance and wisdom that all can accept.

3. A person who takes seriously the importance of climate change, peace work, and the elimination of nuclear weapons. None of us can work on all the projects to help our planet and bring world peace, but we can find our own place to help promote these values. Perhaps we join organizations, participate in protests, sign petitions, write letters, or donate money. Above all, we can “hold in the Light” all people, animals, and our beloved planet. Together, our Light and prayers for peace are a powerful force.

presented by Ellie Caldwell

The Palm Beach Quaker Meeting invites you to share Silent Worship with us in a Spirit-filled space that has welcomed worshippers since 1958, regardless of race, gender identity, or nationality.

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