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Quaker Testimonies


The term “testimonies” is used to refer to our common set of deeply held, historically rooted convictions and way of living in the world. Testimonies bear witness to the Truth as Friends in community perceive it — Truth known through relationship with God.


Simplicity — A life of simplicity is one that is centered in God and focused on core values and faith. Its activities should be directed toward the simple purpose of keeping one’s communication with God open and unencumbered.


Peace — All human beings are children of God; thus Friends are called to love and respect all persons and to seek to overcome evil with good. Friends’ peace testimony arises from the power of Christ working in our hearts.


Integrity — Essential to all relationships, Integrity has always been a basic goal of Friends. We are concerned to make our words and actions conform to the Truth as we know it. We endeavor to speak and act honestly and forthrightly from our own experience of the Light in our lives


Community — The Quaker meeting is meant to be a blessed community—a living testimony to a social order that embodies God’s peace, justice, love, compassion and joy, and an example of and invitation to a better way of life.


Equality — Friends believe that everyone is a “child of God” and should relate to one another in those terms. Everyone must be treated as a person who can be drawn by love to live a full and worthwhile life.


Stewardship of the Earth — We believe that it is our responsibility to be good stewards of our planet and all life forms on it.


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