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How Has Quakerism Changed My Life?

Updated: Mar 8

The slow and beautiful road of spirituality that led me to Quakerism has played out over many years in my life through seeking what is my relationship with the Divine and led me into a depth of examination of how I live my life. That journey is both compelling and at times very difficult because of the greater understanding I have between what we profess in our words & how we actually live our lives. This is an ongoing quest. How did I parent my children and what was my understanding of their spiritual needs and my responsibility to the totality of their needs? How do I respond when the road gets rough and there are difficult choices to make? How does Quakerism inform me in those choices? This is not easy. What kind of work do I pursue in life that is congruent with my spiritual beliefs? How do I live my life in relationship with others whether a romantic relationship, a friendship, acquaintance, or stranger? This journey is one that is constantly unfolding and offers me a window into how my faith continues to play out.

Barb Letsch

The Palm Beach Quaker Meeting invites you to share Silent Worship with us in a Spirit-filled space that has welcomed worshippers since 1958, regardless of race, gender identity, or nationality.

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