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How Do We Show Up For Meeting For Worship At Palm Beach Quaker Meeting?

Updated: Mar 8

Fortunately, in this post-pandemic world, we now have more options for how we get together. After closing for a while, worshipping outside, meeting by Zoom, and then downstairs, we are now able to worship in person upstairs in the Worship Room.

We have, though, kept the Zoom option: for friends at a distance, for those with immune challenges, and others for whom driving on Sunday morning doesn’t appeal. Zoom is also terrific for people with what’s been called “hidden disabilities.” They may not talk about it or appear to have health challenges, but there can be many, from being introverted, having uncontrollable muscle or verbal tics, or being unable to sit still and not disturb others’ silent worship.

For them, Zoom is a gift, enabling them to be present and engage but escape judgment. Even polite inquiries about something you’ve lived with all your life can feel intrusive and annoying. Though inconceivable in founder George Fox’s day, Zoom allow us to include everyone in our “people to be gathered.”

presented by Ellie Caldwell

The Palm Beach Quaker Meeting invites you to share Silent Worship with us in a Spirit-filled space that has welcomed worshippers since 1958, regardless of race, gender identity, or nationality.

Remote Palm Beach Quaker Meeting

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