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What Does It Mean to “Hold in the Light”?

Updated: Mar 8

Before we break Meeting for Worship on Sunday morning, we ask if there is further ministry and then ask if anyone has concerns to share.

Sometimes people reply, “I’m concerned about…” or “I’d like us to pray for,” but often they say, “Please hold in the Light my friend….”

What do Quakers mean by that common phrase?

As with many beliefs in Quakerism, you’d probably get a slightly different answer from each person. Some people view “holding in the Light” as picturing the individual with a frame of Light around them. Others picture Light shining on the person from above. Another may picture the person being held in the Light of Spirit, perhaps the way Mary holds Jesus in Michelangelo’s Pieta. Or we may consider we are sending rays of love through us to the person much as in Reiki healing.

There are other connotations to Light, such being “searched by the Light” with its sense of having our flaws uncovered and brought to Light. In Quakerism, however, the essence of “Light” is usually meant as a metaphor for God with a spirit of love, healing, support, and lifting up.

When we “hold in the Light,” we are not just praying for physical healing but also praying for the person to be made whole, for their Spirit to be comforted, and their fears relieved.

When you are burdened by the troubles of your friends, try holding them “in the Light.” It may well help them and also help you feel as if you have sent the powerful force of love and peace out into the world. This can’t help but be a blessing for them and for you.

presented by Ellie Caldwell

The Palm Beach Quaker Meeting invites you to share Silent Worship with us in a Spirit-filled space that has welcomed worshippers since 1958, regardless of race, gender identity, or nationality.

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